The High View House

The stratum of rock that form the Boulder, Colorado foothills create an array of intimate ridges overlooking the bustling micro-city below. One such ridge, perched high upon a private yet not far removed 7 acres, is home to the dramatic city and mountain views of The High View House.

Located in the coveted Pine Brook Hills subdivision less than 8 minutes outside the city of Boulder, The High View House is a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 2 car garage modern estate comprised of a series of three separate pavilions set firmly atop and cantilevering from an earthen-colored concrete base. As the concrete form steps down the ridge, each structure set atop it weaves in and out of the existing exposed rock formations. Each pavilion, set at a different elevation, becomes a special moment along the ridgeline, highlighting the variety of experiences and views uniquely offered by the home and landscape. By following the profile of the ridge, the expansive home nestles into its surroundings in a way reminiscent of cliff dwellings and the historic gold mining structures of the area.

As the form of the home follows the landscape, so does the experience. The serenity of a ridge hike is unmatched, and the preservation of this experience within the home ties you to the environment in an equally unparalleled way. The open spaces above are like a back country ridge walk, weaving between dramatic outcroppings and highlighting expansive views, sun, and the fresh mountain air, while intimate spaces within the concrete base emulate the feeling of a sheltered camp on a remote hillside. Whether it’s welcoming the morning sunrise, watching the nighttime glimmer of city lights, enjoying an evening cocktail under the soft glow of a mountain sunset, or sliding open the pocketing exterior doors of the master bathroom to bathe in the fresh mountain air, each outdoor space provides an ever changing but always breathtaking experience and emotion.

The exterior finishes of dark metal and pigmented concrete allow the home to seamlessly blend into its natural backdrop while providing resilience and durability in Colorado’s varying climate. The softer interiors feature natural materials and oversized expansive walls of glass throughout that capture and diffuse the bright mountain sunlight while creating a cozy place to immerse oneself into the environment. Here one finds the intersection between the highest levels of luxury and comfort and a close connection to nature.

That contrast and balance between city and mountain life is the essence of the home’s concept: Enjoy privacy, serenity, and all of the immeasurable benefits to one’s well-being that nature provides while never sacrificing any of the comfort, convenience, or amenities expected of a sophisticated modern home and metropolitan life. With the buzz of the city only minutes away yet seemingly much farther below, The High View House is your sanctuary in the mountains.

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